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Fang of the Sun Dougram: Get Truth Ch 3

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Not even justice, I want to get truth!!
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We all know about his quirks as a writer, but what are some of Tomino's notable quirks as a director?

Personally I've found his direction to be conventional and functional, maintaining a succinct narrative flow using quick cuts and plenty of back and forth dialogue. I'll admit I don't know much about cinematography but Tomino's directing style sans dialogue doesn't feel all that distinctive.

Some other observations:
>often presents the mechanics in his shows interacting with nature (oceans, lightning storms, jungles full of wildlife, etc.) to ground them in reality.
>Utilizes cut-ins during action sequences when multiple characters are talking.
>Almost never uses internal monologues to convey motivation. However characters do like screaming things aloud to no one in particular.
>Almost never uses narration except for brief episode recaps that aren't particularly informative and story set-up. I have also never seen him use narration to carry any story elements, e.g. timeskips, travelling from one place to another, explaining character motivations, etc.
>Likes using the dramatic color-shift freeze-frame during intense moments.

What are some patterns you've noticed?
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Megaman Thread

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Continuing the love of the blue bomber and everything Megaman related.

What your playing, what you like to see and what will be the next big game on the 35th anniversary in 2022?
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>from cute bunny mobile suit
>to angry mobile suit

what happened to G-Self?
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Macross Thread time

Lets discuss all things Macorss.
Best VF? Favourite song? Worse series

Robotech fans btfo
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Can we have a Majestic Prince thread?
Given the SRW announcement, I feel like I should finally go and watch the movie.
goddamn I'm so happy for our rabbits
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How did something crazier than Zeon and Cosmo Babylonia was allowed to rise up and gain power to surpass the Federation?
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Post cool color schemes
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I really don't care for Zanscare mobile suits
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/sgg/ Symphogear General

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