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As far as space fighters go a MS is actually pretty safe. A pilot is sitting inside the torso, probably the mostly armored part of the craft. Unlike say Layzner and classic space fighters where all the protection you get is just glass. And with a 360 cockpit you get pretty much unobstructed view all around.

86 - Eighty-Six

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Episode 4 tomorrow.
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This was a very weird frame to basically be the last thing to you ever see of Turn A
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This is Mazinkaiser SKL. Say something about this mecha.
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Megaman Thread

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Rivals Edition:

We all have a favorite Megaman hero from the series, but what are your favorite anti heroes, antagonists or rivals from the series? Is it Protoman or Bass? Vile or Dynamo? The Bonne family or the Guardians? You can even have the new what if rival to Zero that's gaining popularity, another Iris as your favorite.

What games you're playing now, what are your hopes for new Megaman titles and do you play Megaman clones or Megaman like games?
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ITT kits never
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It's the /m/ag thread, back from the dead!

>What's the /m/ag?

/m/ag was a project last year to make a /m/ focused doujinshi/fanzine for giant robot and adjacent works be they stories, fanfics, art, 3D renders, models and comics. Collectively we produced a decent sized volume 1 which you can find here:


>What's going on with it?

Initially we planned to try and make this a bi-annual thing, but at the moment, things haven't been progressing too well. Some people have sent in finished works, others have dropped out and take up is slim. The original deadline was to be the end of May. At the moment, that seems a bit optimistic.Things seem to be much busier for people this year, which is to be expected.

>What's this thread for?

Discussion of the project, some longer term plans and to see if interest is spiking up again. Before hand we tried to keep a thread bumped up all the time but lack of attention left them to die off this time around. Discussion of whether to have a thread once a month, twice a month or so on will be part of this thread.

See below for the sign up document. Pop your name, what you want to work on and the current status of that work, if you want to join in!


Captain Kohai also, very kindly, made a volume collection pastebin here: https://pastebin.com/h3wMZw6n, feel free to check it out!
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Back Arrow

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I love Gundam 00.
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Devil Gundam

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this thing is terrifying in the concept art but not so much in the actual show. always thought it was a bit of a letdown