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/m/ draws STORM

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old thread died again, and I see no replacement.

Mega: https://mega.nz/folder/05plFB4C#yUWR-eLOAc82jhNuqBmaNw
Previous Thread: >>19510975

116 and 117 is done, but hasn't 117 status has yet to be updated on the frame sheet, 51-58 has been coming along slowly, but we are seeing some real progress
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Every time I enter this board there's always a moderately active thread about how Kou is a shit or boring character.
I get in terms of main characters he isn't up there, but is he really warranted to be the subject of threads this fucking frequently?
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Full Frontal

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What was this guy's deal? Was he comparable to CCA Char as a pilot, or slightly better? Apart from when he decides to take Banana BEYOND THE TIME, he displays extremely limited newtype abilities, especially for a cyber newtype, apart from maybe spatial awareness in the various debris fields. Most of his piloting manoeuvres resemble Char's, albeit in a more high-spec suit. He doesn't bother with funnels or anything fancy, and indeed even the Neo Zeong is implied to be using software to automatically control a lot of the shit it does.

If we're assuming that Char's spirit or a fragment thereof is actually piloting him like a sock puppet, is this because Char's spirit has effectively given up in the concept of Newtypes? Because Char can't use Full Frontal's own newtype abilities because they are artificial and Char's were natural?

Zoltan displays newtype abilities that would blow FF's out of the water, and indeed, it kinda feels like he would have won against Banana and Riddhe.
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Where was he during the events of Zeta and ZZ? Like, why did he come back in CCA, but didn't help against Haman or Scirocco?
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What is the state of /m/ related fansubbing/translations in general? I know the Ultra franchise, Rider, and Sentai are all finished. Outside of three or four subgroups everything seems to be dead.
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best /m/ girl? I count lime cus android
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/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2741: Edgy as His Blade Edition

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Looks like Luurah got taken by subninjas, who will sub Ginguiser? Or is it doomed to raw hell.


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I love evangelion. Where can I get more of these evangelion anime? Thanks guys
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Man how do I beat this dude in Omega Factor?
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