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/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2834: All Out Hype GO Edition

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The /m/echa Museum Project #6

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Previous thread:

>Old links
>Alt Pastebin/Spreadsheet (WIP)

Recommended Anime torrent and ddl sites:


>https://www.acgnx.se/ (torrent mirror/scraper)
>https://anime.thehylia.com/ (eng anime & OST)
>https://animetosho.org/ (eng anime, torrent mirror, subs)
>https://animk.info/xdcc/ (XDCC index)
>http://chauthanh.info/ (eng anime & OST)
>https://jpddl.com/ (raws)
>https://nibl.co.uk/bots.php (XDCC index)

>volafile · org/r/anime (request obscure anime here)
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Is it /m/ enough for your taste?
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>prince, son of a leader
>wears a mask to hide his true identity
>has several love interests that all died
>has a sister that he left behind to go after his family killers
Is Duke Freed a proto-Char?
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Do you remember love?
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Been looking around for listings of the various mecha that appeared in Sasuraiger, both English and Japanese, without good results. Closest thing I found was an episode guide on tumblr that mentioned a few. Anybody know where I could find information like that? Also J9 thread.


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You call that a gun? This is a gun!

Post them Guns, Cannons, Sniper, Riffle etc.
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what are some mecha anime with a female protagonist piloting a mecha?
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Tankfag thread!

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I fucking love mecha and tanks so post your favorite fictional tanks in this thread(and a source if possible), they can be big tanks,small tanks, mecha that transform into tanks (apcs and ifvs are good too).
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SRW Cyber

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So how would you do an SRW game with a "cyberspace" theme? I'm thinking:

>Dennou Boukenki Webdiver
>Digimon Tamers
>Megaman Battle Network
>SSSS Gridman

Any other franchises that would make good material?

Xros Wars is the most /m/ Digimon entry, and would allow for hype moments like Superior Mode fusing characters from multiple series together, but Tamers + Battle Network dovetail very easily (just look at the D-Reaper's final form, then at Alpha).