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>gf wants to wahoo
>look for some blue pills
>none left
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Range banned from posting

Current length: 1 week - ongoing
Previous posting range ban: 6 months (2019 summer to Jan 2020)
Offence: documenting a janitor and/or mod protected thread. Possibly also posting lolicon. Also didn't do nuffin.

Will update status weekly or bi-weekly depending on if I remember!
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Hello darkness my old friend.

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Mentally ill tripfags

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>/qa/ is dead and stale
>homeboards dont talk about anything interesting anymore
>not interested in any other boards
Is it time for me to leave 4chan?

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>Posting from your IP range has been blocked due to abuse. [More Info]
>4chan Pass users can bypass this block. [Learn More]

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4chan is kill
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Imagine using 4chan. and getting lonely when it's down lol That could never me. Fuck that place

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In less than 9 hours, i will turn 18. I can finally use 4chan when i wake up tomorrow.

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I got a permaban for posting a YouTube thumbnail because there was a blurry image of a girl swimming in the background. I had posted it 11 times before with no issue but all of a sudden on the 12th time it gets a permaban with no warning?

Exhausted all appeals. Note that the video is still up on YouTube after almost a year.

Obviously it's not a Rule 1 violation. And the variant of "sexualized images of children" is very dubious considering I never even mentioned the girl swimming or drew attention to her, and was obviously not the focus of my posts.

This sucks. Was a mod convinced they were doing the right thing or did they just have something against me?
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