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This place may not be what it used to, but we still deserve a nice tree to celebrate. You guys are my favorite anons. Merry Christmas


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rip in peaces 4chan.org, you will be remembered

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So this is the only sort of "outside 4chan 4chan discussion place" so I'll just ask here to check that I'm not crazy.

Is 4chan deleting way more posts then they used to? Actual porn was always deleted, but just saying gross and horny things was like, the majority of the sites content. But I just saw a ton of posts even remotely in the realm of sexual removed from a 101 dalmations thread and when I checked here to see what they were I'm seeing SO many deleted posts in the search that don't make any sense.

Am I crazy or is there a tumblr/facebook style crackdown on Horny with the new channel domain?

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Hello can I stay here? The yonchan admins keep rangeblocking me and I have no friends so


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what was your last purchase?

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Post in this thread!
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recaptcha pains

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I'm using a "non-modern" browser and some websites have made it increasingly difficult to continue using it. Most sites I have encountered, like mega.nz or slack are satisfied if I just send them a version that's higher than a certain amount. In fact I was able to access both of those sites when I set my useragent to "Mozilla/5.0 (platform; rv:geckoversion) Gecko/geckotrail Firefox/71.0" however with google's recaptcha I seem to be unable to find a useragent that works. I even copied the useragent from the browser I used to post this and it didn't work. I even deleted any cookies that turned up on searching the text "goo" or "desu" but that still failed.


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where do you like to go?
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