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I just want to tell you guys that I am a man. I pretended to be a girl for over 10 years and it made me depressed knowing i fooled millions of anonymous for years. I stole some girls pic from Facebook and continued to catfish people with it. Why did I do it? Because it was funny then it started to become weird because I was basically living a double life. Now I'm older I feel like I should apologize for this. That was certainly the weirdest chapter of my life. Anyways,

Sorry for fooling anyone. I don't have a child and I am certainly don't have a hairy vagina. I have quit shitposting and mods have forgiven me thanks to the recommendation of President Trump who has given me a second chance to redeem myself. Thank you all for listening. I love you.

-Nagi Stratos aka the (.40 Glock user)

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I'm going to make this place my new home!
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Been off /qa/ for 3 months now AMA
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April Fools Containment Thread

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My ip has been banned from 4chan and the IRC. I waited two months and did two appeals and both got rejected. Literally have no other choice but to ban evade
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I have work later today, can someone go to the IRC and tell mods to unban me? I've spent the past two hours trying to register a nickname but still haven't gotten a reply email. Thanks in advance
Just show them this https://desuarchive.org/qa/thread/1944586/#1949062
faggot mods went ban happy, I wasn't spamming
Also Fireden has been shitting itself for the past 3 weeks
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burger king foot lettuce

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hai evfurrynyan!!!!!!
let’s party makeovers for all the uglies!!!
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Tell me all you know about these dastardly things.
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I hear your prayer and it is granted.

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esuDesuTalk is a userscript that allows you to hide text within images.
Available: https://github.com/desudesutalk/desudesutalk/
How to use: https://github.com/desudesutalk/desudesutalk/wiki/How-to-use-this-script
Apparently it's very popular with Russians and or the Russian chansphere.
For some reason it doesn't work with 4chanX if you enter anything in your reply, so just dumping images should be fine and simply scanning the images doesn't interfere with 4chan x either. I tried posting it in the OP image but it didn't work for some reason. Here's what it would have said:

"o you read me? Testing testing 1 2 3.

*Timestamped: 2018-25-02*

One of the shortcomings is that the post doesn't automatically timestamp your post, so people could repost an image without knowing that there's a message inside it and people with the script might think the poster was using it.

I thought it might be fun for some people to use on /qa/, maybe even a way to add some flavor to certain threads.

Some other techniques previously discussed on /qa/ that dealt with hiding things in images, if you missed them, was making the thumbnails different than the actual image and discovering that png images can have their colors saved in the transparent parts.
I haven't tested this with the former but I know that desudesutalk does not preserve transparency and will make the background white; this is probably due to the programmer not considering transparency or the cryptography algorithm can't preserve transparency.

I know that a while ago some people were using this on /bant/ and others use it on /g/ but it's infrequent anywhere else."
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Would you personally be interested in the /qa/ anime stream resuming?
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