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/qa/'s IRC channel!

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#qa @ rizon.net
/qa/balists, v2 got a surprise move on us! Let's decide our next action as it's the best moment to explore the chanverse!
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Is no one going to do anything about this subhuman posting instigator threads and samefagging endlessly in them until he catches a couple of dumb idiots to join the "discussion"? It's getting pretty bad lately. It deserves to be trashed with botspam just as much as /pol/ shit does.

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Is there any chance of the bot coming back?
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I'm going to bring the stream back in a few weeks I think. This time I mean it!
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Update your spam folder at least or randomize it. Seeing the same sequence of images each time is really dull.
Step up sempai

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9 hours until I get unbanned from /qa/, bros
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Will these frequent downtimes cause
4chan to bleed users?
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So does the search work at all?