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It has come to my attention from a /bant/ thread that world2ch is dying, I can't reach the folks at bibanon at the moment but I'd like to enquire if they have archived the text boards (or at least some of the historical posts) or if they're still vulnerable.
I apologize if this is the wrong location to post this.
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[suggestion] Add option to only return threads when searching

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Search works well enough on desuarchive, but I'd really like some option to only show threads instead of all posts containing a given string. It seems simple enough to implement, especially since OP is already flagged (unique css class 'post_is_op').

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If I uploaded a bunch of ancient pics from Futaba would there be any interest here in them? They're mostly 三次元 screenshots from 2003-4 so it's 3DPD shit with comments that mostly read like something from old /b/ or /r9k/ but there's also some variety pics from some other sources I found.
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Let me post webms here desuman

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I need Sanae ideas, /meta/. Do you have any?


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So this archive started archiving boards since 2015. How come the archives go back as far as 2010 for /a/? I can look up posts from 2010 to following live thread reactions, but anything from 2011-2014 is missing.

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Since /qa/ and /qa/ ghost aren't working lets post here
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What does /qa/ mod mean by this? The moderation on /qa/ has been really pedantic and paranoid recently.

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What are we supposed to do now that /qa/ is a frogshitter board? Where do we go?

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This board is boring as shiet

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ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on the boards and archives you visit.
Last one couldn't by replyed to because it hadn't been replyed to for 10 days.
Previous thread: >>36
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So... where do we go from here? I try to be positive about these things, but I don't see a way out of this one. /qa/ is now a permanent fixture in the board list.
I have nothing against desu or ghostposting, but a real imageboard would be nice, too. I don't think we need another small imageboard, so maybe we can join another community out there.
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