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imma play with my cousin and gf

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>Why yes our favorite board is /tv/. How could you tell?

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>uncle anon

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Bitch we all black like it's Sunday aye
we gonna kill a nigga on a Sunday /a/
And i hate these bitches like a Monday aye
She gonna eat the dick like a entree aye aye
I don't the bitch i want her aunty aye
She gone suck me aye
Pouring some lean i'm a junky aye
And I'm in the field where it's spunky aye aye
I don't want her pussy if it's funky aye
Banana in a clip ain't no monkey aye
Cinnabun on a drummie aye
aye aye gunplay
and we hit the block the dumb way aye

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>reminder to all anons. This is what you get when you lust after Asian women
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>Why yes my favourite board is /tv/. How could you tell?

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