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b-stats is the worst fucking archive on the planet

it's broken to shit, EVERY thread I try to see on b-stats just results in that dumbass science guy's face

why does 4chan X default to b-stats instead of archiveofsins.com? archive of sins actually works

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If I get a 4chan pass, how likely is it that the mods ban me for some stupid shit just to take it away from me? I spend approximately 70% of this year being blocked, or I get banned out of nowhere for the dumbest reasons (often my ban had nothing to do with what I actual did). I just want to be able to post normally, like I was able all the years before, without being constantly blocked. But I really fear that I say something a mod doesn't like and he just takes my pass away.
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Can one of the mods or admins report the IP to the authorities as he is literally threatening to try and kill people.

So how do I exclude results in my search?

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+- doesn't seem to do the trick. No hate here but say I want to search for subjects on /a/ and filter out all the sales threads? Talking about desuarchive.

Also threading feature when?

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This place may not be what it used to, but we still deserve a nice tree to celebrate. You guys are my favorite anons. Merry Christmas


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rip in peaces 4chan.org, you will be remembered

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So this is the only sort of "outside 4chan 4chan discussion place" so I'll just ask here to check that I'm not crazy.

Is 4chan deleting way more posts then they used to? Actual porn was always deleted, but just saying gross and horny things was like, the majority of the sites content. But I just saw a ton of posts even remotely in the realm of sexual removed from a 101 dalmations thread and when I checked here to see what they were I'm seeing SO many deleted posts in the search that don't make any sense.

Am I crazy or is there a tumblr/facebook style crackdown on Horny with the new channel domain?

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Hello can I stay here? The yonchan admins keep rangeblocking me and I have no friends so


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what was your last purchase?