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In the first thread, Twilight and Anon awoke in a dark world barely remembering the night prior, carrying only an old, worn book detailing the "rituals of summoning" and a magic pen that was almost out of ink. Here, light doesn't shine and even Twilight's most powerful spells fail to cast anymore than a brief flicker.
They met only three, maybe four creatures in this dark place.
The first was a giant that strode past them to repair a mechanism on the edge of a sea of tar, the second was Apyrr, a musical, shapeshifting, and alien snake creature that doesn't seem anymore a native to this place than Twilight or Anon, and joined them despite their language barrier to presumably find a way home as well. The third was a hissing, growling critter Apyrr encountered and scared off while unlocking a barred door, and the fourth a crystalline formation only visible through one of the floating orange cubes found in this place.

Now our party of three is close to reaching a city, and is browsing an abandoned skyscraper for anything useful.

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