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Background pony thread?
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sit down /mlp/

we need to have a chat about the /mlp/odcast.
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You six have saved Equestria time and time again. I think each of you deserves a reward for all that your group of friends has done together.
Pinkie Pie. You get a nice medal.
Rarity. You get a nice medal.
Rainbow Dash. You get a nice medal.
Applejack. You get a nice medal.
Fluttershy. You get a nice medal.
Twilight Sparkle... you get wings, immortality, two castles, infinite magical and political power, a royal title, a royal stipend, total control and ownership of the sun and moon and a nice medal.
I think I've distributed everything fairly.
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It's time. You know the drill.
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Scootabuse General

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>What the fuck is going on here?
Ever wanted to see your favorite (or least favorite) pony physically, emotionally and/or sexually abused?
>Abusefags deserve death waaaah
Okay hugboxer.
>Is less hardcore abuse allowed?
Absolutely, abuse comes in all flavors Anon.

Story list:https://pastebin.com/WH2CZc5q

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Rainbow Dash Thread

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Hypnosis Thread

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A thread for the discussion of (and helping with) pony self-hypnosis!
Anyone can get hypno to work with a little time, practice and comfort, so come and give it a try or share your experiences!
Also for the discussion of all other things hypno related: stories, images, audio files, etc.

Hypno resources
Vairaki filles: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/5tvvfv9dy1po9/Pony_files
Hypno friend files: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/el2fd52fqwn2x/Pony_Hypno

Be warned, exposure to pony hypnosis and pet pony content otherwise may result in fundamental changes to your psyche towards becoming/embracing being a pony or pet pony.
I love master!
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"You're a human, you wouldn't have any idea what it's like to be insecure about the size of your horn."
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Part Time Princess Anonymous!

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Your name is Anon, and you're a part-time Princess. You snuck into Equestria illegally, and Twilight was going to send you back. But just then a monster attacked and injured Twilight severely. And in order to defeat the monster, Twilight offered to let you absorb a little bit of her power. But you ended up absorbing almost all of it. You used the borrowed magic to defeat the monster. And since then you've wielded alicorn magic as if it were your own under the careful guidance of Twilight Sparkle. The monster that attacked was of the same species that killed and ate your mother, so not only do you have to defeat these monsters for Twilights sake, but for your own as well.
You also attend Twilights School, keeping the school safe from monsters while learning more about friendship

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Wtf is going on with this game? Any progress???
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