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Fluttershy Thread

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Post-Mortal Edition
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Man, this apple really bloomed
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Everybody pledge your allegiance to the true ruler of Equestria or die, infidels. I cannot have disloyal fools in my kingdom questioning me, my name isn't Faust. I am your God and your religion now. Die for me and be one with the rainbow if you want a place in Equestria. Bow down to your rainbow of light before I smite you all, fools.


Put on your Rainbow Dash flags, you foals.
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Starry Eyes CYOA

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>>You appear in a white flash as your vision warps into view...
>? "mū ya heva khetha el ēz !? yir ya heva ʻamyo mu!?"
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"Step brother help!"
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/mlp/station 13 Thread #2

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Ponk Edition


6PM EDT Every Day (8am GMT+10 for Host)

/mlp/'s very own Space Station 13 Server! using the /vg/ Codebase


>What is SS13?: https://youtu.be/nLAHBexJxrE

>Where do I get it?

>What do I do?

GitHub: https://github.com/AlphaPassive/mlpstation13

Sprite Spreadsheet (WIP): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QEims_FOPc1vxP2mZtUUR45QZ4b5AsKXIA5NPMLcHOk/edit?usp=sharing

Things we Have
-Jukebox that plays Music
-In-Game Pony Plushies
-Various Pony Related Food
-Custom Graffiti
-Custom Start/End Round Sounds

Things to Do
-Playable Ponies (WIP)
-Custom Sprites for said Ponies (Suits and Mane Styles)
-Ponying Sprites (See Spreadsheet Above)
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Why did her voice change?
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The Sun Is Sick(CYOA):Thread 2

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>Something has gone terribly wrong.
What was once a source of life and an eternal protector of ponies everywhere has now become a scourge unlike any other. Harmony is dead, along with millions of ponies and other creatures, their corpses puppeteered in a vile imitation of life to spread this sickness as far as it can go. What remains is a dying world slowly being consumed by the blood red star above it: The Sun.

It has been 2 days since the apocalypse started.
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I think we can all agree that g5 is going to be better than 3.5 atleast, as well as 2. I might even go as far as saying that it looks like it could potentially be the new FiM, and quite possibly surpass that and become superior to FiM, who knows. Nothing will ever top G1 though.
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>realistically if you ever met your waifu she would love you and you’d both get along

Just imagine the cuddles and long walks you could take together as you explore Equestria. The places you could visit and memories you could make with her.
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