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Plush Thread

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You have one?
Want one?

Post (and talk about) beautiful pony plushies.

List of Active Plushmakers made by Anon: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18lwOMh5BbbIp3-GnIqiSHGYcCUE5nQnIoylLVBGFQ1g/edit#gid=0

Remember that the thread will re-create about 2 or 3 days after it's deleted, don't be faggots.

Previous Thread: >>36959020
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Past Gen Thread

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The 80's cartoon, My Little Pony Tales, G3, all of it's allowed here. No bitching, only pone.
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4ChanX has Updated (now with flags)

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Are you pro- or anti-skub, /mlp/?

matrix.horse - Open horsefucker matrix server

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Come make an account, make some channels, feel free to publish to the channel list if you want.
Federation is fully set up and you can even access the channel list externally from your homeserver if you have one
Made by a horsefucker and open for every horsefucker. Feel free to bring your friends too

https://element.matrix.horse/ <- Chat client
https://matrix.horse <- homeserver in case you already have a matrix client

matrix horse can't wait to meet you all!
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Some of you I'd genuinely grab by the throat and shove you through the brick wall or step on your throat, that's how insufferable some of you cunts here are. I often wonder what you look like, where you are from and what your voice sounds when you piss me off this fucking hard. Not even /a/ angers me this much.
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Why do some fans call Starlight Glimmer poochie? I don't get it. Is it a compliment or insult?
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So why the fuck does this board hate Zecora so much?

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>Speaks in Rhymes
>Always super chill and kind
>Knows so much about illnesses and sickness,
>Always ready to help everypony with quickness
>Knows knowledge lost from the rest of Equestria
>Never gets acknowledged, not even by Celestia
>So intelligent and has such a sharp wit
>Will do anything for you, even suck your dick

So why the fuck isn't she appreciated more? Zecora is the cutest little zebra horse. I'd love to just chill with her in her home and like help her brew potions and stuff, she'd be no longer alone, and that sounds comfy as fuck.

Well I'm sick of all of this neglect, I think she deserves more respect! Lets get some comfy greens with anon and his zebra mare, and some art drawn with love and care! I'd like to see this thread do well, but in the past it's not gone so well. So lets try to get this thread past one hundred posts, and show this board which zebra we love the most.
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When did you learn you were sexually attracted to cartoon horses, Anon?
Did you watch the show/participate in the fandom innocently until one day you popped a boner? Because that's what happened to me.
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Why do people like MLP?

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Just why?
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