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I'm assembling a team
(You) in?
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>"Anon? You can see me?"
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>Hi anon its me Cadance, ruler of beautiful, magnificent and proud Crystal Empire. And let me tell you anon being the Princess of Love and ruler of a kingdom is pretty intense work. It can be pretty crazy at times but true love makes it all worth it in the end. But you know anon, there could be a way for me to increase the potency of my powers: if you sold your soul to me. Thats right if you let me have your soul, right now, my love can shine even brighter. Don't you want this anon? Don't you want to be help my cause? I know you will because you love me!
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Look at this unicorn.
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she is good!

Earth Ponies are the scum of Equestria

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Twilight got wings to become a princess.
So if a Pegasus became a princess they would get a horn.
An earth pony would need both wings and a horn which means they are the lowest of lows of all ponies and are basically slaves to the other ponies

Can't argue.
I'm right
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Apparently, being a princess pays so poorly, Candyass has to pick up side gigs.

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