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>out paintballing with a few friends
>get teamed up against a team of tryhards with camo, expensive guns, etc.
>my friends and I are on one team along with two random guys who look rather nervous
>one of them holds a long pole wrapped in cloth at one end
>I think this is weird, but shrug it off. He doesn't look very athletic and he is very vocal about the fact he's never played before, so I figure he and his buddy will be out of the game early
>we go to our arena
>it's a small ramshackle fort in a small clearing in the middle of the woods. The goal is for the team on offense to wipe out the defenders and occupy the fort
>super serious tryhards are on defense
>game starts, I immediately get to a good sniping spot and go prone
>game goes as expected; I get a lucky hit here and there, my team slowly advances, defense picks off a few of my buddies
>suddenly the two randoms appear from nowhere
>the pole-thing the one guy was carrying is a flag
>a flag depicting Princess Celestia's cutie mark
>they are shouting "FOR EQUESTRIA!" and getting their Rambo on, spraying wildly as they charge straight through the trees towards the fort
>I hear the cruel laughter and insults of the defenders as they mow the pair down
>even as the two raise their guns and yell "Out!" the defense keeps shooting them, forcing them to beat a hasty retreat
>banner gets dropped in the scramble to get away from the stinging paintballs
>it lays there
>I know what must be done
>I nod to my friend near me; there is a silent understanding
>dash to the banner as the whole team gives covering fire
>pick up the banner, yelling "CHARGE" as I do so
>rush the fort, one-handing my gun as the rest of my friends pile in behind me
>defenders make a good go of it, but we flank them from both sides and wipe them out
>mfw we show tryhard assholes what's up
>mfw I plant the banner atop the fort in triumph
>mfw I make a random kid's day