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412: Pinkie Pride was released early thanks to Google Play (though they finally fixed their store). If you're senstitive to leaks, you should just wait until tomorrow.

412: Pinkie Pride - An elated Pinkie Pie is planning the biggest and best “birth-iversary” party ever for Rainbow Dash, but when another party planning pony named Cheese Sandwich rides into town, plans change. Soon, everypony is so excited about Cheese Sandwich’s party that they forget about Pinkie Pie, but her pride won’t let her go down without an official “goof off.” (Weird Al Musical episode!) (Amy Keating Rogers)

413: Simple Ways - Rarity is known around Ponyville for her confidence and class, both of which are lost when Trenderhoof, the world famous travel writer and apple of Rarity’s eye, comes to town. So, when Trenderhoof’s attention is drawn to Applejack, Rarity does the unexpected and begins to dress and act more like Applejack than herself, which ends up in a muddy mess. (Josh Haber)

The last day of January (for America, still, anyway)! Are you prepared to learn more history next month?

Or, at least, watch Pinkie Pie throw Rainbow Dash a big birthday bash and Rarity make a fool of herself and possibly probably wear a hat?

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