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Anon X Octy X Cadance Thread #5

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Let us continue the epic adventure of adventure, romance, sex, hilarity, action, more sex, and drama.

Previously, in the story...

>Through heart-wrenching sobs, Trixie manages to choke out some sentences.
>"...I... I tried... I wanted you back... I couldn't... I just..."
>...You see your waiter coming.
>In a moment, you slide out of your seat and address him.
>You tell him your table would like some privacy, and you take the food from him.
>After he leaves, you move the glasses out of the way and set the large platter down on the table.
>You decide to keep quiet and let Octavia comfort Trixie.
>Octavia talks in a low voice, patting Trixie on the back.
>"...I'm so sorry, Trixie, I... I just had to make a decision, and I--"
>Trixie's head snaps up.
>"A decision?! I-- I gave you ever--*sniff*--everything you'd ever wanted! I-- I showed you! I showed you how much I loved you! I-- I even--"
>Trixie shoves Octavia out of the way and stands up out of the seat.
>"...I even gave you my hat and cape! I-- I wanted you to... I wanted you to think of me... I wanted you to remember..."
>"...D-Do you? D-Do you even care anymore?! Or are you just so caught up with Anonymous that all of your worries melt away like butter?!"
>It was Octavia's turn to bawl, it seems, and she covered her eyes with her hoof.
>"Y-You're not the only one on this planet, Octavia.... Y-You've... You've hurt me... You've destroyed me!"
>After another gasp of agony and tears from Trixie, she starts to walk out the door.
>"...I'll... I'll watch your performance tomorrow afternoon, Miss Lulamoon..."
>The three of you stand there with low jaws as she marches out the door, a line of tears trailing her steps.