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MLP General

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SDCC's S5 animatic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfEsGkcydi8

Friendship is Magic #22 comes out the 13th (so there should be a digital release on Tuesday evening), with Friends Forever #8 out the 20th. Long preview for #22 may be out anytime this weekend.

It's probably way too soon for her to have obtained her rocktorate yet (unless she was actually well into her program when she visited), but hopefully Maud will have made some good progress when she shows up next season. Will her visit be the same episode as Pinkie's family? And with Pinkie distantly related to the Apples, the same relationship goes the other way round- surely Applejack could appreciate talking shop a bit with the Pies?

And just what does Pinkie's grandmother look like, anyhow?

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