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>Twilight comes to your house around seven thirty in the evening for a study party
>Excuses herself to the restroom
>You come running as you hear her shriek
>Absolutely nothing is the matter
>Twilight is nearly hyperventilating as she covers your mirror with towels
>"Why don't you have curtains here, Anon? Do you just lock the bathroom door all night?"
>You have to ask what she even means
>It turns out that all ponies refuse to risk looking into a mirror in the dark
>You realize there have been curtains and drapes around mirrors in all the houses of the M6
>Twilight doesn't understand how you aren't taking this seriously
>She nearly faints as she discovers you often sleep with the door open and let your feet or hands dangle off the bed
>Before she 'nope's herself home she tells you that if you hear a 'bump' you need to just run