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Tsundere/Damage Control

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>"Hah! I only gave you two cupcakes instead of three!"
"That's cool if you ran out Pinkie I'm trying to watch what I eat anyway."
>You brush your fingers through her mane and give her a pat on the head
>Pinkie's cheeks flush
Anon: Later Pinks!
Pinkie: P-Please come back soon... Or don't, I don't care!


Anon overhears a pony badmouthing him in front of their friends. The pony discovers that Anon overheard them and freaks out because they are secretly in love with him and don't want anyone to find out. So they talked bad about him out of damage control. And now they have to apologize to him.

Ponies are tsundere for Anon but they're so bad at showing it that he's unaware they're trying to be mean to him

Just straight up stories with either the ponies or Anon being tsundere

The ponies really don't like Anon. But Anon mistakenly believes that they're being tsundere.