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The October draw event, working on that fourth seal!
Prompt #9: Let’s get a bit more spooky. Draw a pony involved with the occult! Witches, demons, and creepy rituals are all welcome, as well as anything else you can think of! (Late entries for previous prompts are always accepted!)

Friends Forever #10 (Fluttershy and Iron Will) over here! Friends Forever #11 (Rainbow Dash and Spitfire) due out Nov. 6!

Part of growing up, Apple Bloom insists, is learning all that fancy stuff adults do. Scootaloo complains she never sees adults having tea parties like this for this long. Sweetie Belle thinks it's not so bad; maybe Scootaloo just needs more practice at home. Maybe she can borrow some stuffed animals? Only not Mister Flopsy, he's been unwell.

If Scootaloo gets a cutie mark for this, she's going to be VERY disappointed.

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