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Season 5 is out APRIL 5TH, AT 11 AM Eastern/8 AM Pacific/3 PM UTC!

New interview/teaser!

Old trailers!

Friends Forever #14 storytimed here!
Friendship is Magic #28 (Root of the Problem 2/2), Friends Forever #15 (Mayor Mare and AJ), and Friendship is Magic #29 (Cheerilee's sister) could all be in the rest of March.

Big fun and tons of adventures await! Do ponies look forward to the points when life gets "interesting" again? Discord pretty much makes it his mission to keep those times happening whenever he's about, even if he's making an attempt to not go too far. Mischief and chaos need not necessarily be actively malign, after all. Unpredictability is just... difficult to react to in an optimum fashion. Which would be sort of the point. How does one shake up order otherwise?

Celestia herself is no stranger to the concept, given her Grand Galloping Gala desire.

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