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Episode 506: Appleoosa’s Most Wanted
Written by Dave Polsky


Friends Forever #16 (Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon) comes out this Wednesday (May 13)!

Given how well she keeps tabs on Ponyville citizens, Pinkie Pie must have reasonably good contact with her family out...well, outside of Ponyville. She certainly still loves them and hopes Spike doesn't accidentally crush their representation again , and would certainly take some time to wish her mother (and family) well on Mother's Day. But Mrs. Cake puts her up in town, and SHE'S a mother, too! It wouldn't do not to give her some recognition! And what about Granny Smith? She's Applejack's parent's mother! There are party potentials all over! Why not celebrate them all?

She might have to keep it just in town, though. If she throws parties all over Equestria it'll be Father's Day by the time she's through!

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