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Episode 507: Make New Friends But Keep Discord
Written by Natasha Levinger


Friendship is Magic #30 storytimed here!

The Spring Draw Event is underway!
The second prompt is "draw any pony (or ponies) as a different MLP canon species!"

Assisted planning of one of the most famed annual celebrations in Equestria is a good test of Twilight's abilities and what she's learned as a pony and a princess. More than that, though, it's a good excuse to bring her over to Canterlot for a visit. Celestia's not formally her teacher any longer, and between her own busy schedule and Twilight's resettlement in Ponyville, it's nice to have common ground once in a while. Plus, Twilight can get in touch with her parents while staying over. Anytime a plethora of items can be checked on a list, it's a winning situation all around. Celestia knows she can appreciate that.

After over a thousand years in this line of work, Celestia's a master at multi-purposing events. It may be more difficult for her to limit herself to a single iron in the fire at this point.

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