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Episode 508: The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone
Written by Amy Keating Rogers


The Spring Draw Event continues!
The third prompt is "DISASTER IN PONYVILLE! - draw Ponyville in any sort of disaster or panic, canon or otherwise."

Griffons use the bit as a currency as well as any other Equestrian; how do they handle trade in general? Griffonstone may not be in its golden era, but they don't seem particularly under-nourished, so to speak. And they do offer goods and services. Still, one scone-baker's sentiment is likely shared by more than a few residents - save up enough, and one can move away to home of less socioeconomic malaise. Arimaspi really did a number on morale.

Hope yet springs eternal. If the griffons can reforge bonds and organize again, perhaps Guto's successor can be known in time.

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