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Episode 508: The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone
Written by Amy Keating Rogers


The Spring Draw Event continues!
The third prompt is "DISASTER IN PONYVILLE! - draw Ponyville in any sort of disaster or panic, canon or otherwise."

The most recent glory days of Griffonstone are a matter of history in the rest of Equestria. They've still taken visitors, and there is a... somewhat nearby station stop that's at least maintained insofar as the railing is safe for train travel. How well pony record knows the place seems to depend on how far back Arimaspi stole the Idol of Boreas, at least for Twilight's initial profiling. She's been interested in the kingdom since Gilda's visit, but seems to rely mostly on a single primary source (that hints the golden era is already over). With the rest of the circumstantial evidence as well as their at least occasional apperances in greater society and participation in the Equestria Games, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash probably aren't the first ponies to learn of the current state of affairs, especially given the already thousand-plus history of the pony parts of Equestria. Celestia is nearly certain to be aware in some capacity.

How much can be done for the ancient kingdom, though? The magical map by way of the Tree of Harmony had them sow seeds of friendship between griffons, even as the Idol of Boreas was put further beyond reach in the Abysmal Abyss. Is the spark enough to ignite a new age in town?

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