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This Fucker: Diplomat of Princesses CYOA FINAL PART

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>Anon, whose name is Fucker for shit and giggles, goes to Equestria
>Chrysalis orders him to assassinate princess Cadence as part of a deal
>He lives with two infiltrated changelings: Brad and Scrolltuck for a while
>Suddenly, Scrolltuck lost connection with the hive for a reason to be determined
>Not wanting to assassinate Cadence anymore, Fucker calls off the deal with Chrysalis
>Brad stabs him but Scrolltuck help him get away
>After he tells everything to Cadence, which take both him and Scroll into custody at the palace
>There, he meets Northwind, top officer of the Equestrian Intelligence Services in the crystal empire
>Twilight Sparkle and reinforcement from the government arrive some time later
>Fucker meet Twilight, and the three changelings still roaming the city are caught
>With them, Fucker managed to speak with the changeling queen
>Chrysalis arrives the day after to negotiate with Cadence and this Fucker to try forging a peace treaty
>The queen doesn’t act very friendly but isn’t outright hostile either
>Fucker gets to experience >rape from Northwind this night, they both decide to put this under the rug for now
>The day after, Sunday, Fucker gets to know Azure, another Changelings who is free from Chrysalis, but still serve her
>On Thursday everyone will attend to a hoofball match
>Fucker finds a notepad in Azures chamber on Monday, containing some information on everyone
>A bet is made with Chrysalis about which team will win
>It’s now Tuesday evening and the first half of the match just ended