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"...so I threw my dictionary at him and that asshole threw it back! Hit me right in the eye and gave me this wonderful little shiner here. Chased him down the street with a shovel, though. That was pretty satisfying."
>"Femanon, Darling, you simply have the WORST taste in boys. Now hold still while I put the ice pack on."
>"Yes, it is an ICE pack, Darling. Anyway, I'm sure you'll be back in the saddle in no time wrangling some straping young man."
"Psh, I don't need no man."
>"Oh pish-posh! They swarm you, Femanon. You have to beat them off with a stick! And who can blame them? Why, with your perfect, silken hair, ample bust, curvacious hips...long...slender legs..."
"Well, I DO have those."
>"Soft...full lips...like rose petals..."
"Well, I suppose they are kinda...why are you getting so close?"