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Episode 513 : Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?
Story by Jayson Thiessen and Jim Miller
Written by Scott Sonneborn


Friends Forever #20 (Discord & Luna) is storytimed here!

Daring Do operates in a world most ponies are ignorant of, or at the least don't have a drive to maneuver in the same manner as the adventuress. Exploration is one of her driving passions, but all the run-ins with criminal elements and villainous schemes involving priceless artifacts... one would have to believe in coincidences to a ridiculous degree to think that she would only ever stumble across schemes randomly. Much more likely that she spends a fair amount of time in research of both ancient knowledge and current plots and rumors circulating the underground of society.

Such heavy involvement all the time would leave rather little free time for penning literature. The A.K. Yearling persona might be good to have a reason to get around Equestria without suspicion, but keeping up appearances there would still make it difficult to surreptitiously do her own hoofwork. Some kind of network of informants would be ideal. Imagine all the kinds of colorful characters she must know from her years active. Why, one has rainbow hair!

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