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SEASON FIVE CONTINUES TOMORROW AT 11:30 AM Eastern/8:30 AM Pacific/3:30 PM GMT/UTC! That's 7 and a half hours from now!

Episode 516: Made in Manehattan
Written by Noelle Benvenuti


Friends Forever #21 (Spike & Zecora) is due out next Wednesday (Oct. 7)!

The arting goes on!

After so much work involved in getting that one Sisterhooves Social to go better than expected, Rarity AND Applejack had to go and sit this year's out thanks to the castle map. What are fillies to do? At least Scootaloo can probably go with Rainbow Dash this year? What are the other two to do now?

Life sure can get awfully complicated for no good reason in Ponyville. Apple Bloom's lucky she has two siblings who can listen to her problems.

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