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Episode 520: Hearthbreakers
Written by Nick Confalone


Holder Cobblestone must have had some luck with that boulder for the family farm to survive and prosper for eight generations. At the very least, that's longer than Ponyville's been around - was Canterlot the closest large Equestrian settlement the Pies had lived to before then? There could be other little towns dotting the place that aren't pointed out on the big map, but it does seem a bit isolated. And with the difficulty of moving the boulder, it's possible it was simply sited near where it was found. Was Holder prospecting when he came across a dragon's nest, or was he looking for something else?

Granny Smith is definitely up to the task of sussing out further details, if it interests her. How much had she known living on Sweet Apple Acres all those years? Seems unlikely that the Pies wouldn't have come through once or twice in all that time.

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