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611 - Flutter Brutter
Written by Dave Rapp


Friends Forever #29 (Rarity and Maud) is due out this Wednesday (June 8th), and Friendship is Magic #43 is due the week after (June 15th)!

Cloudsdale is an interesting city - it's not easily approachable for over 2/3 of Equestrians (though visitation is still possible), doesn't have quite a set location owing to its important position as portable weather distribution central, and has to import a lot of supplies, including groundwater - clouds aren't the best gardens! Still, it's easy enough to make necessary runs, and the place is rather striking. And it's home to the Wonderbolts, too!

Were cities like it before they emigrated to Equestria, or was it a conscious design after being unable to move their home when they were forced to strike out by the windigos?

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