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Pre Season 7 Episode Ranking

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Season 6 is five months in the past and the next season is coming in a little under a month, so I want to see where the recent season will end up settling down.
The All Our Ideas sorter gave a whole lot of votes, but this time I'm going to try and use two different sorters that make full lists instead of that website. Half to see what the difference will be, and half because I think it better represents each Anon's opinion.

1) An Anon was kind enough to lend their skill to make an upgraded sorter that shows a lot of choices at once in a sleek interface with pictures that don't break.
Just pick the episode you like more and if you need to stop in the middle then save, and potentially export the save as well to be safe, then you can go back and load it later to continue.


Otherwise, the traditional one on one sorter is still available here for those who'd like to use that one:


2) Age, gender.
3) When did you become involved in the fandom?
4) Rate the quality of the show [1 to 10].
5) How optimistic are you about the future of the show? [1-very pessimistic to 10-very optimistic]

If you need to look up an episode or stream it then these may help:

Again, I won't be able to monitor these threads as closely on Monday to Friday during US work hours as times past, so I'll remake these as necessary if needed.
Feel free to talk about anything involving the show or movies as well while we wait for lists to come in.

I'll stop taking votes and lists after 11:59PM on the 22nd of April in order to give time to Anons that may be coming back for the new season.