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The 7th Anniversary

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Jesus Christ has another year come and gone already?
We're only 2 weeks out from the My Little Pony Anniversary Party
We need to start making plans

As always, we're going to have a livestream of every episode, movie, and short played back-to-back. And this year is going to be a fucking DOOZY.

Let's look at the scorecard here
Seasons 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, = 130 eps x 22 mins = 2860
Season 3 = 13 eps x 22 mins = 286
Season 7 by Oct 10 = 22 eps x 22 mins = 968
4114 mins of episodes alone....68.56 hours of just pony eps
EQG 1, 2, 3, 4 @ ~72 mins a piece = 288 mins
3 specials @ 22 mins = 66 mins
all the miscellaneous shorts....and hub promos
and if we're lucky we'll even have a film leak by then, which is another 109 minutes
I'm estimating we have probably nearly 2 hours of shorts, hub videos, and music videos

We're looking at over 78 Hours of JUST CANON VIDEOS this year. That's not counting the fan-video breaks we have.
We're looking....at potentially a 3.5 day long stream.

Which brings us to our first question:
>WHEN do we want to kick this off?
If we start it Saturday the 10th at noon, it would hypothetically run right through the 10th, nonstop.

Also, we'll be looking for volunteers for Anniversary Art and prize supplies like we do every year.

We will need emissaries to spread our annual good-will invites to the other areas of the fandom.

We'll probably have our regular group gaming as well, and probably a discord chat this year, in lieu of the old skype channels.

The floor is open, any thoughts or volunteers?