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A short Twilight x Shadowlock story

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The thread I was writing this in got 404'd, so I'll continue here.

Twilight was pouring over a book that'd newly arrived. Titled "Applied Ley Line Theory", it went into meticulous detail on how one would go about using it. She loved curling up with a good book in her reading room, and this one was proving very educational.

"Therefore, with the capacity to tap into, rejuvenate from, and tamper with a ley line, magic's effects can be improved exponentially. With these techniques in hoof and experience under their saddle, a wizard can transform the slightest charm into a full-blown love spell."


Not for the first time, Twilight's mind turned to that fire in the heart, the strongest of emotions. It was not a draught she had never tasted - a couple foal had won her affection back in Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns - but it was one she had never drunk deeply of. First as a student busy with studying and research, and then as a princess busy with administrative duties, she hadn't really had the time to devote to romance.

That wasn't for a lack of suitors, of course, especially recently. Any stallion and plenty of mares would leap at the chance to be the consort of a princess. She had her pick of scientists, authors, wizards, politicians, even other royalty. But she hadn't really clicked with any of them.

Twilight's musings were interrupted by a knock at the front door of the castle. "SPIIIIKE!" she yelled. "Can you get that? I'm reading."

"Sure thing, Twilight!" he answered dutifully.