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The 2017 4CC Autumn Babby

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Pray for us and /biz/

>what is this
Boards of 4chan create football teams full of memes and then battle it out in an AI vs AI match of Pro Evolution Soccer.

>when and where
Tonight, today, this weekend, this month, this year! The games begin in roughly an hour.
Stram here http://derpy.me/PhGtz

>when does /mlp/ play
Fourth match today, against /tg/. If /mu/ win today, we basically need a draw to advance aside from a few specific scenarios.

Today's matches are:
[s4s] vs [r9k]
/a/ vs /vp/
/mu/ vs /biz/
/mlp/ vs /tg/
/po/ vs /c/
/x/ vs /gd/
/fit/ vs /p/
/ck/ vs /o/

Giddy up, and remember to BELIEVE