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The 2018 Winter 4CC Day Three

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It's not over yet! Enjoy some low-stress games and cheer for your favorite boards.
You don't go only on /mlp/, do you?

>what is this
Virtual football tournament where memes from various 4chan boards battle it out so we can meme on them some more. You already knew that.
All the dates and groups: https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/2018_4chan_Winter_Cup

>where and when
On smashcast.tv/the[four]chancup
Games start in two and a half bongs.

>when does /mlp/ play
Friday against /fit/, next Sunday against /his/.

Today's matches are:
/lgbt/ vs /f/
/x/ vs /n/
/toy/ vs /g/
/sp/ vs /pol/
/sci/ vs /jp/
/gd/ vs /o/
/m/ vs /d/
/co/ vs /wsg/

If you missed our game yesterday, get it on klaxa or watch it here