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Season 8 Premieres Saturday March 24th at 11:30 AM EDT/ 10:30 AM CDT Only On Discovery Family!

725 & 726: Shadow Play - Parts 1 & 2
Written by Josh Haber & Nicole Dubuc

Legends of Magic #11 is storytimed here! >>31967043

Friendship is Magic #63 is still storytimed here!

As much as she enjoys new experiences, Twilight Sparkle also seems to have a tendency to stick close to home when she's not actively being called for duty or tagging along with friends. It's likely at least partially to be available in an emergency, and partly simply because she's also a pony who enjoys poring over tomes in free time, which isn't too compatible with frequent travel. Still, she did take the gang along for some group recreation that wasn't tied up in anything else - it was just something she wanted to do. What other kinds of sights and sounds might she want to take a bit of time out of her way to explore? Is there time left for anything wintery?

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