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The 2018 Summer 4CC Day Two

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After an exhilarating day of matches and rigging, it's time for the real deal. It's definitely coming home, we just don't know where that is yet. We'll be having a rematch of the Winter 18 friendly, except this time the stakes are real. Wrap yourself in a scarf, up your giddies, it's time fellas.

>what's new?
The Burdened couldn't carry our sins no further, as he too was found guilty by some. To make up for it, we opened our doors to all sorts of >everycreature. Truly, God has abandoned us.
also MagicBlue retired

>what is this
Teams made from memes of their respective boards battle it out in a virtual football tournament. It's fun.
All the dates and groups: https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/2018_4chan_Summer_Cup

>where and when
Saturday games start in roughly 17 bongs.

>when does /mlp/ play
Seventh game this Saturday, versus /tv/! At 2100 UTC plus rigging delays if the stream crashes again.

Today's matches:
/k/ vs /vg/
/toy/ vs /gif/
/h/ vs /lit/
/vr/ vs /p/
/n/ vs /t/
/co/ vs /m/
>/mlp/ vs /tv/
/int/ vs /jp/

Also, here is a hyp video, if you missed it yesterday.

Giddy up!