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/mlp/:FiM S06E21 - Sounds of Silence

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For the last few days, there has been a sentiment among some anons here, wishing that seasons 8 and 9 had never existed. A repeated comment these days was that Sounds of Silence was the only thing worth saving out of these last two seasons, and there was some joking about how it should simply replace a previous episode to make those seasons easier to forget.
Unfortunately, even though it's irrelevant to the plot, the School of Friendship appears for like two seconds in the opener, and again with the theme song, so the episode would have to be "fixed" before being moved to a previous season.
Well, here's an edited version of Sounds of Silence, 100% School-free, replacing both the opening shot and the intro with scenes without the School.


This edit isn't supposed to be "definitive" or anything, it's only the reminder that there are things worth saving in this show. Something as simple as watching this episode in the middle of season 6 during a rewatch would make it easier to stop at Shadow Play/the Movie/whatever, knowing that there isn't anything worthy later. And being able to stop without being reminded of the school will probably make the show more enjoyable to many people.
Maybe after this edit more people will have more ideas to make the show better, I think it was worth a shot.