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Miss /mlp/ 2019: Quarterfinals (Part 2)

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Welcome to a spooky continuation of the Princess /mlp/ pageant, where your favorite ladies from across all aspects of the franchise be it canon, fandom, or memery are judged and selected for who is most deserving of being crowned the queen of the board.

The Quarterfinals have begun, and seven hours in we're already nearing 300 votes in very tight races for the following match-ups:
>Pear Butter vs Trixie
>Applejack vs Luna
>Celestia vs Twilight
>Derpy vs Rarity
Cast your vote in for four of these lovely fillies to send to the Semifinals. Once again, verification questions have been implemented, only need two out of three to pass. And as always, please feel free to root / shitpost for your pony in the thread!

Poll ends in https://derpy.me/H6VUp