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I'm Writing a Clopfic With My Mom!

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Oh boy, how do I even summarize this? You should really read the previous thread, but I'll do my best to give you the abridged version here.

Basically my mom found out that I write clopfics. Not just any clopfics either - I specialize in INCEST clopfics! What's more is she told me that she liked them and actually got off on them! Sounds like the intro to a cheesy porno, doesn't it? But it's not a porno, it's my fucking life and it's happening right now.

What's more is I don't know whether she's just got a fetish for incest or if she's actually interested in me. A few anons in the other thread have me convinced that the latter is a definite possibility. Now, with the help of my mom, I'm writing a clopfic about "Anon" and his mom who gets turned into a pony by Discord. I'm going to be observing her reactions as I write it and seeing what ideas she comes up with to add to the story. She's a terrible writer, but she has come up with some really hot ideas that I'll be implementing in the story.

*Whew!* This is the most ridiculous sounding bullshit I think I've ever written, and it floors me that it's actually true. I won't blame you guys at all if you think I'm full of shit, but there is some proof in the previous thread if you care to look.

The attached image is an edit I did to make the pony look as close to Anon's mom in the story.