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M____ (Askloona Fan Game)

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I guess, time to post it here.

For a... maybe half of a year I and few more guys worked on one rpg maker mv game (it's more like a adventure/quest mix actually), which is inspired by the Askloona blog (maybe some anons will remember arg-threads about 2-3 years ago). It's not required to be familiar with that blog (but you will definitely enjoy the game more if you've read it), enough to know "Luna on luna" idea.

Originally, game wasn't planned to be released in English. The current translation is rather… clumsy, to say the least (you probably could tell this already). A few little things haven't been translated yet (everything that needs VAs). You should be able to understand the main plot regardless (kinda like an achievement for a single-language engine).

Introducing manual and download links placed here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u1rxaXitYB6ibykC5LDg1DO1gC4PVz3RtWsKu-fjcms/edit