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Marenheit 451 Art Pack

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*Grace period extended to the 15th.

In this thread we contribute to an art pack in response to Derpibooru's recent censorship. The purpose is to promote free speech. Anypony is welcome to join and all media forms will be accepted. A lot of the art pack will feature Aryanne due to the her ban on Derpi, however this is not a requirement to be included.

July 11th. Grace period will allow submissions out to the 15th.

Why the name?
Marenheit 451. A reference and parody of Fahrenheit 451

Where to submit?
In the thread. Use (or other) if you can't post it directly. Please use the anchor post.

How much will it cost?
It will be a donation and will be pay-what-you-want.

What charity?
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund seems to be the popular one.

Is NSFW allowed?
Both SFW and NSFW stuff will be allowed. Use external links for NSFW.

What skill levels are accepted?
Any and all. This project is about community involvement.

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