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The End of Derpibooru part 10: Failed damage control edition

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Not much else to do while we watch TSP burn his site down and now the new moderation staff is trying to calm down everyone, Luna(Luna von Rainy in the chat log) is being a TSP 2.0 and changed the account to Princess Celestia and Princess Luna(nebbie in the chat log) try to be the reasonable one. Get comfy, it’s out of our hands now.

Old happening:
>Totally "fair" private poll from the moderation team to say what should be deleted. Everything is calming down https://derpibooru.org/forums/meta/topics/rule-0-policy-refinement-feedback-thread
>Result of the private polls https://derpibooru.org/forums/meta/topics/results-of-staff-polling-on-borderline-content-and-rule-0
>Public poll(already invaded by twitter): https://derpibooru.org/forums/meta/topics/poll-on-the-direction-of-the-current-proposals
>Mods are trying to bait Rule8 bans by asking to post the leaked logs as "proofs", so be careful to not get baited

Current happening: A fourth pool happened to decide what should be deleted by rule 0 with some ACAB and other kind of pictures included with a really blatant token ACAB pic to be rule 0 to not show hypocrisy of the moderation staff
Also the mods are trying to change the rule 0 in a very questionable way and failing in every try because the changes keep affecting their precious ACAB fanarts

Moderation log chat