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4cc Summer Cup 2020 - Knockouts - Final Weekend

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>When does /mlp/ play?
Unfortunately they didn't make it through Spring. Pones aren't Elite this season. Better luck in Autumn.

>Why make a thread about it?
/mlp/ is one of three boards allowed to have cup threads, probably because the other boards will get autistic if we post ponies relating to the teams playing.
So show support for your other favourite boards (if any) with your pone related autism here.


>Who's playing today?
17:00 UTC - /adv/ vs /ck/
17:40 UTC - /m/ vs /c/
18:20 UTC - /i/ vs /cm/
19:00 UTC - /diy/ vs /lit/
19:40 UTC - /sp/ vs /u/
20:20 UTC - /his/ vs /toy/
21:00 UTC - /biz/ vs /x/
21:40 UTC - /out/ vs /vg/

And since /mlp/ aren't playing, there's a reasonable chance this thread won't auto-sage today, maybe not even tomorrow, so to cover the bases, here's the lineups for Day 5 and 6 as well.

>Final Day
It's the knockouts. If you don't know how that works, I'm not spoonfeeding the explanation. Just look at the wiki after today.

Also, as has been pointed out the last two threads, if Autumn is too long a wait for your pone divegrass rigging, the FAG6 (/mlp/ cup, to spoonfeed you non-lurkers) begins 15th of August. So keep that in mind.