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G5 movie revealed

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Recently (about a few days ago) I sat in on an unfinished screening of the 2021 movie. Not going to go into every detail but I will give an overall story rundown of it, based on what I’ve seen:

The film takes place in a futuristic equestria where all of the FIM characters are assumed to be dead. There are multiple pony races, not just 3, including earth ponies, pegasi, unicorns, bat ponies, changelings, kirins, sea ponies, etc., and they all live in segregated areas. Equestria is ruled by a committee of Alicorns that pride themselves on their lineage and think that they are superior beings. The main character is a pegasus who has a half-functional left wing who doesn’t trust the alicorns while everyone around her does and think that they know what’s best for everyone, including one of her allies at work, who is a unicorn. There is also an alicorn who is kind of disgraced who openly recognizes that the rules are racially biased, who the MC looks up to.