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G5 Movie Details

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I recently saw an updated draft for the G5 2021 movie, so here’s a rundown of what it’s about:

The look is going to be 2D-looking 3D, very similar to pic related. It takes places in a different country than Equestria, an urban fantasy type environment that functions like the modern world but is designed like fantasy, called Terra Mystica. Pony races are segregated and there are laws limiting what ponies can do as a profession or socially based on their cutie marks, which what ponies get used also dependent on their race, and non-ponies are kind of just there, with some laws revolving around them. Terra Mystica is governed by pegasi and earth ponies, who view ponies that contain some sort of supernatural element to be dangerous threats (unicorns especially) and that their powers must be kept in check.

The main character is a happy go lucky pegasus, kind of like pinkie pie, who just wants everyone to get along and be friends. She’s part of a pacifism activist group that’s headed by another pegasus (who will be a crucial character in this film) that ponies have mixed opinions on.

The other major character is a unicorn kind of like twilight who wants rights for her ponies, and she and the main pegasus form the main duo. Then the new “mane 6” forms adding a bat pony, a kirin, a seapony/hippogriff, and a changeling.