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Pony Preservation Project (Thread 74)

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TwAIlight welcomes you to the Pony Voice Preservation Project!

This project is the first part of the "Pony Preservation Project" dealing with the voice.
It's dedicated to saving our beloved pony's voices by creating a neural network based Text To Speech for our favorite ponies.
Videos such as https://youtu.be/GuJKTodX1FA. or https://youtu.be/DWK_iYBl8cA have proven that we now have the technology to generate convincing voices using machine learning algorithms "trained" on nothing but clean audio clips.
With roughly 10 seasons (9 seasons and 5 movies) worth of voice lines available, we have more than enough material to apply this tech for our deviant needs.

Any anon is free to join, and many are already contributing. Just read the guide to learn how you can help bring on the wAIfu revolution. Whatever your technical level, you can help.
Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xe1Clvdg6EFFDtIkkFwT-NPLRDPvkV4G675SUKjxVRU

We now have a working TwAIlight that any Anon can play with:
https://derpy.me/vCzm2 (48KHz Training)
https://derpy.me/hdJQF (48KHz Synthesis)
https://derpy.me/NR7Xi (Ngrok Synthesis)
https://derpy.me/YTJ94 (Guide)

>Active Tasks
Researching alternative vocoders
Anon transcribing books and comics
Making AI creations (In thread)
Cookie is working on controllable speech
Research into animation AI

>Latest Developments
Updates to Synthbot.ai
Synthbot making progress on AI animation
Clipper sorts animation files (derpy.me/O24pp)
Anon investigating BVAE-TTS (>>36463090)
15 working on a new model (final2.15.ai)

>Voice samples

>Clipper Anon's Master File 2.0:

>Synthbot's Torrent Resources

>Cool, where is the discord/forum/whatever unifying place for this project!?
You're looking at it.

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