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Sulphur Nimbus: Enhanced Pony Mod

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This game deserves more exposure. So I polished and improved it's pony mod to make it more attractive to potential players.

>What is this game like?
Sulphur Nimbus takes inspiration from momentum-based platformers, six-degrees-of-freedom games, action adventures and collectathons.
It started as a pony-game but later it was mostly removed to avoid Hasbro's rage. But Anons saved old pony-assets.
Most importantly, it's a 3d game that is actually finished and it's a 3d game without disgusting anthro-ponies.

Watch ponies showcase: https://mega.nz/file/2gB31a7a#EpXrfjv6ihhj1wSLhmOYEt7V6P7VVnK0x4nO-ENJC5o
Download enhanced Pony Mod: https://mega.nz/folder/vt4GASjA#00LoxOCK9jSmOhnf8xbARg
Download game: https://oddwarg.itch.io/sulphur-nimbus-hels-elixir

Random game's review:
>"I highly recommend it, because the creator was very clearly passionate about ponies and the animations reflect that. I often find myself thinking "wow that's cute"."

>What improvements you made to pony mod?
-Added save-file with RD on the first save-point on Island (skips tutorial\prologue).
-Added optional(!) java-mod that completely replaces default character with RD: you can play as her even in tutorial stages. Be aware: all java-mods contain unrestricted executables in raw java code.
-Added optional nsfw female model with more detailed backside (port of dev's .blender file).
-Fixed crashing when you try to dash as Rainbow Dash or Rainbow Dad
-Up-scaled some low-res pony textures
-Fixed ugly teeth clipping
-Made it compatible with in-game censorship system: uncensored mode doesn't drew a second butt on your face anymore, while censored mode actually somewhat hides something on standard female model (not on detailed though)
-Fixed Derpy's derp eyes
-Fixed backward Rainbow Dash's cutiemark
-Fixed Rainbow Dad's black wings
-Kismet uses correct textures now