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/mlp/ con thread #13: This Friday Friday Friday

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Things are wrapping up, most panels are now in the bag.
There may be some last minute additions, though.

>When is /mlp/ con 2021?
June 11-13, 2021

>Current schedule
Graphical version: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rtCG3ggt2f8vRFblqRoiOvpkS1Lm7_ep40UuDHWEDZ0/edit?usp=sharing
Text: https://mlpcon.online/schedule.html

>What is /mlp/ con?
We're organizing an online convention for /mlp/
It will focus on: 1) the show, 2) /mlp/, and 3) the fandom.
Check out some of our events from 2020 that are linked from this site: https://2020.mlpcon.online/schedule.html
Most CyTube streams from last year are here: https://pony.tube/videos/watch/playlist/56ba84cb-2662-4b68-85d2-14a368bcd245

>How will the con be held?
Live streams on YouTube, Picarto, Twitch, or other platforms broadcast via CyTube
Pre-recorded videos made for the con viewed on CyTube
During the con, most activity and interaction will occur on the con thread and/or CyTube

>(You) can help by volunteering to...
Help support any vendors we may have https://mlpcon.online/vendors.html
Maybe help us with some art of Contard/Anon Filly/something else we can use on the con site and as thread OP images
Organize some sort of charity thing if you want?
Help hosts/panelists livestream!

>What's next?
Respond to messages I've sent
Get ready to have fun this weekend!

This thread is not for discussion of offboard chat platforms, this thread is for planning this con on and for /mlp/ and we ask that you not derail the thread by bringing up topics that have been discussed endlessly already.
Be the change you want to see in the world, not the pointless bickering that floods a thread and kills it.

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